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  • | NUDE Team

    The impact of the cosmetics industry on the world’s oceans

    As a skin care company we are very concerned about the effects of our work. That is why we want to take a deeper look into the impact that the industry currently has and highlight at the same time the things we try to avoid as much as we can! View Post
  • | NUDE Team

    Your Skin Will Thank You - Our Autumn Tips!

    What to do in Autumn? Of course we enjoy the fallen leaves the anticipation of Mulled wine and it is THE chance to change up your skin care routine as much as your wardrobe! Find out how you can boost your skin game...
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  • | NUDE Team

    That NUDE life… Why You Should Sleep Naked.

    No beauty treatments can save your skin if you don’t get enough sleep. Find out in this article what works and what doesn't. We are sure you will find more than one tip that you can apply immediately without much effort and actually gonna end up loving! Yes We dare you - read on! View Post