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All eyes on innovative Korea

Why is Korea so Innovative when it comes to Natural Skin care?

Korea may not have many prized resources such as rare minerals or oil reserves, but the country is certainly leading the innovation ladder when it comes to organic skin care. It would be an understatement to say that Korea has flooded the world with its incredible innovation of BB creams, sheet masks, essential oils, and other products that come in strikingly attractive packaging, urging you to buy and take them home.


A Culture of Self Care

Needless to say, these natural skincare products are rising up to become the most valuable exports for Korea, and when you examine the intricacies of Korean culture and norms, you truly understand what skin care means to the Koreans. It is important to understand that when it comes to pampering and nurturing the skin, Koreans have mastered all the arts of self-care.

The Korean culture has been described as conservative, sophisticated and metropolitan, and it associates a great deal of importance with being presentable and conscious about how you look. Appearances are important, and the fashion-forward community of Korea instills the love of skin care from the very beginning. Children are taught to take care of their skin with proper techniques of moisturizing, exfoliation and sun protection, while special products are made for men, with exclusive products for men serving in the military.


Skin-tertainment: Functional & Fun

The Korean beauty industry ranks amongst the top 10 beauty markets across the globe, and in 2018 alone, Korea managed to generate a staggering $13.1 billion through beauty sales. It is interesting to note that this rise in demand for Korean skin care products is driven by both, the fun factor and the super-functionality that these products have to offer. Come to think of it, Korean sheet masks, BB Creams and other products provide unique textures and flexible utility that the modern men and women need and enjoy.

For instance, Korean rubber masks are powered with aloe vera as opposed to water that ensures deep skin rejuvenation, along with fermented botanical products that promote greater nutrient absorption to heal the skin from deep within. These fermented botanical elements are infused with micro-organics that add further enzymes to the skin care product upon fermentation, leading to the creation of new nutrients and elements that will heal and nourish the skin.

This process of fermentation allows Korean natural skin care products to be much more powerful and effective as they allow the skin in effectively observing the product. They also work to eliminate side effects and skin irritation since the process of fermentation neutralizes all potentially harmful substances that might be present in the formula.



Safe & Herbal

Korean women are very particular and choosing when it comes to skin care products, and they only seek the best, high-end quality of herbal products that will nourish and heal their skin as opposed to lathering it with a heavy layer of makeup. Korean natural products that are infused with herbal medicinal substances and natural ingredients are actually 2000-years old herbal medicinal formulas that the Korean culture has safeguarded and innovated with great care and dedication. These products show us how powerful natural skincare can actually be!



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