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Konjac the Superfood for your skin!

Why we love Konjac and think you will too!

Since we started producing the NUDE konjac sponge we have been asked many times what it actually is and how it works. So we decided to round it up in an article and hopefully bring some light into the dark.

Konjac is a root that grows in the Indochine region in Asia and has been used for hundreds of years in medicine or as a healthy ingredient for food and skin problems. 

Konjac is rich in vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D and E as well as proteins, fatty acids, natural minerals like zinc, magnesium, copper and lipids. 

All of those natural ingredients contribute to the gentle cleansing experience. 


How does cleansing with a Konjac sponge actually work?

The Konjac fiber has an amazing water retention capability and once wetted holds on to it. As a result the surface is gentle and soft ideal for any skin type up to Baby skin!

Due to Konjac fiber's excellent water-holding properties, the surface is always covered with water. As a result, the fiber hardly comes into direct contact with the skin and will not scrape even with hard scrubbing. A unique, net-like texture lets the Konjac Sponge gently massage the skin and stimulates blood flow and cell turnover.

Our konjac farm is on heritage protected Jeju island in Korea. We can guarantee that it is GMO free.

Our factory was established in 2007 and all products are handmade. 

The Konjac root gets powderized and will be mixed with water into a paste. This is where we add the different minerals for different skin benefits. After that we solidify it by heating.

For the Facial Konjac Sponge we chose to produce them in Korea as they always have been at the cutting-edge of skin care and the Konjac plant has been a vital part of their diet, skin care and medicine for centuries.  


How do I use the Konjac Sponge correctly?

One of the most common questions we get is about the correct usage of the sponge.

Since it is made out 100% natural ingredients it has to be handled with a bit of cautiousness.  

When you order the NUDE Konjac sponge you will receive it in dry form.

  • Hold the sponge under luke warm or cold water until soft.
  • Remove any excess water by gently squeezing it 
    • Do not wring or twist it harshly as it will damage the sponge. 
  • Start massaging your face with or without added cleanser!
    • We recommend using the Sponge without a cleanser as its natural ingredients are sufficient in cleaning your skin.
  • After having cleaned your face wash out the sponge and dry it.
    • Pro tip: Use a towel as help to remove any excess water.
  • Hang it in a well ventilated space and never leave the sponge in your shower.
    • Due to high humidity and its 100% natural fiber it might catch bacteria. 


    Some of the Konjac super powers you should know!

    • As a natural and gentle exfoliant it can remove oil, dirt, and impurities, cleansing and purifying the skin in a blink of an eye without leaving it dry. Say adieu to clogged pores and blackheads! With antimicrobial agents it can kill external aggressors that cause acne and premature aging.
    • It is perfect for even the most sensitive skin with its fine-texture the sponges are delicate enough for babies!
    • It helps the skin to stay plump. It works like a natural moisturizer, when applied to the skin Konjac Root penetrates the first layer of your skin to bring moisture to the surface, reducing the appearance of fine lines.
    • It is a natural alternative to chemical products and is100% biodegradable.
    • You can get rid of extra cleansers and contribute to a more clean and safe Planet.


    In order to create more customized benefits for each skin type we added ingredients such as Green Tea, Bamboo Charcoal or French Pink Clay.

    Now you will say there are many more and you will be right. However for the purpose of this article we decided to focus on the ones we are actually show casing on our website. So bear with us if we did not include your favorite ingredient or one that you would be interested about.


    French Pink Clay: For tired, damaged or mature skin. It helps to re activate your natural collagen and refines your pores gently.

    Bamboo Charcoal: Perfect for teen, oily or spot prone skin. A natural antioxidant.

    Green Tea: Naturally anti-bacterial it is perfect for mild acne and red blemishes. Soothes the skin.

    Yellow Soil: Your companion when you have eczemas, psoriasis or sensitive skin. It is a powerful anti wrinkle agent.

    Jeju Volcanic Scoria: Deep moisturizing, anti pollution and revitalizing for your skin.

    Anion Tourmaline: Strengthens the skins immunity with natural tourmaline powder and makes your skin glow.


    In the comments below you can let us know which one you would like to know more about or see net in our store!

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