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How to clean your skin in 5 easy steps!

How to clean your skin well: Eliminate Dirt & Pollutants for a Brighter Complexion. Majority of the people neglect the fact that the skin is the largest body organ, and it is the first and foremost barrier against germs, bacteria, allergies and infections that seek to penetrate deep into your organs. Therefore, it is essential to keep the skin thoroughly cleansed, cleaned and hydrated at all times. It is important to understand that the skin on various different body parts has distinctive cleaning needs, and while facial skin requires a gentle touch, you must regularly scrub your feet and legs to clean out clogged pores and remove all particles of dust, dirt and other pollutants. 

Needless to say, cleaning the skin is an everyday ritual, and in this article, we will walk you through 5 tips and tricks that will make sure your skin is cleansed and purified of all impurities.

Let’s get started, shall we?


A Thorough Facial Wash

Most people think that washing the face one time is enough to get rid of all the makeup products, sunscreens and layers of contours infused with oils and sweat that have accumulated on the skin. But truth be told, one wash is simply not enough to cleanse your skin free of all the products and pollutants that have accumulated in the pores and contours of your face. Be sure to wash your face twice using a scrub-like facial wash.

The technique of face washing is another important aspect and experts recommend against scrubbing too much as it only promotes scars, breakouts and irritability. Instead, give your face a gentle massage with slow, circular strokes. Be sure to be extra gentle while washing the skin around your eyes as it is extremely sensitive.

While washing your face twice is a good ritual to get rid of all the impurities, it is also important to avoid over-washing your face. Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, washing your face too much will rip off all the essential oils within your skin, triggering awful spells of dryness that will compel your skin to generate more oil. This would leave your skin scattered with blemishes and unnecessary pools of oil. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to use a gentle facial scrub, a thorough scrub once a week, and occasional exfoliation alongside regular moisturizing.


The Myth of Water Temperatures

The prevailing myths dictate that hot water aids in opening up clogged pores while cold water helps in closing up these opened pores. Most experts dictate that switching between hot and cold water is a great way to enjoy the benefits of both. Truth be told, these are both myths that will do more harm than good. Basically, switching between hot and cold water will only give your skin a terrible shock, and both extremely cold and hot waters will promote dryness. Therefore, exercise mindfulness and moderation by using lukewarm water.


Cleansing the Body

The skin on your body parts, be it your arms, your torso, the underarms, or legs, requires thorough and regular cleaning to wipe clean of all the sweat, skin oils and pollutants that the skin accumulates throughout the day. Failing to regularly clean your body will only result in a breakout of blackheads, acne, pimples, allergies and a great many other skin qualms.

It is important to pick out safe and gentle products that are hygienic and sanitary, and make sure that you do not share your scrubbers and washcloths with anyone else. You can always invest in a gentle yet effective body wash that acts as a scrub and cleanser, and be sure to create a rich soapy lather every time you take a shower. Exfoliating the body once a week is also an important ritual, which will be discuss in more detail in the next section.


The Ritual of Exfoliation

Exfoliation is a powerful skin cleansing ritual that is beneficial for all skin types, however, the ingredients of your exfoliators and repetition of this ritual depends on your skin type, the skin conditions you suffer from, and other considerations. For instance, if you have sun damage, exfoliation once or twice a week can really help, but if you suffer from acne breakouts, exfoliation can lead to scars and skin damage. If you suffer from cystic acne or other skin conditions that you are medically treating, be sure to consult your dermatologist on whether you should exfoliate, the ingredients that you ought to use.

Natural exfoliators, such as baking soda, beads, salt, and sugar amongst other ingredients are considered mild and beneficial. However, most manufactured exfoliation products contain the harsh alpha-hydroxy and beta-hydroxy acids that aggressively eliminate ward skin, and often cause damage to sensitive skin types.

When it comes to exfoliating the body, this powerful ritual will help you prevent acne breakouts on areas that are vulnerable to acne, and it will also help treat blackheads. It is highly recommended to invest in a body scrub that will exfoliate your body effectively, and use it at least once a week. Be sure to exfoliate your chest, back and neck to avoid acne breakouts triggered by sweat and dust. However, if you suffer from acne, exfoliating too often can cause irritability, scars and redness.


Turn to Nature’s Goodness

It’s important to nourish your skin with nature’s beauty weapons, which include essential minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients. This beauty ritual will take you no further than your own kitchen, where you can found powerful skin healing and rejuvenating ingredients, such as honey, milk, gram flour, turmeric, cucumber and much more.

Chickpea powder, gram flour and turmeric have been lauded as powerful cleansers and exfoliators for centuries for their potent skin-lightening benefits aid in evening out the complexion, eliminating tan and dark circles, and allowing you to flaunt a lighter and brighter complexion.

Milk is the most powerful cleanser that will eliminate dead skin and nourish your skin from deep within, while cucumbers aid in defying the signs of aging while tightening up your skin and fighting off impurities. Honey boosts powerful antibacterial, probiotic and anti-infective properties that eliminate dirt and pollutants from the skin without causing any irritability and dryness.


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