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Does Organic skin care always know best?

Skin care Woes: Does it always have to be 100% natural/organic?

Natural and vegan beauty is undoubtedly the hottest trend amongst celebrities, super models and social media influencers, and we often find ourselves embroiled in heated discussions on the most credible natural beauty brand recommendations. Evidently, majority of womankind is obsessed with the fervor of lathering their skin with 100% pure and organic products, and increasingly, women are more inclined towards investing in natural beauty products that contain nutrients and organic ingredients.


The prevailing notion is that somehow, 100% natural and organic product are much better than their synthetic counterparts, which womankind has been using for decades, and while in certain cases that might be true, but in certain, it is false. First and foremost, it is important to understand that where the urge to buy 100% organic products has come from. Do you simply want to jump aboard the all-natural bandwagon, or you have found a good 100% natural product that truly works wonders for your skin?


Most women believe that 100% natural products with pure, organic ingredients will be gentler and more nourishing for the skin as compared to lab-generated chemical-infused skin care formulas, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. For instance, if you are investing in a natural skin care product to eliminate an acne breakout, avoid a horrid allergic reaction or revive your dead skin cells, you might find yourself incredibly disappointed. You see, it really depends on your skin type and the kind of rejuvenating and healing it needs based on your skin conditions.


It is important to create a skin care regime that truly works for your skin and helps you fight off those awful spells of acne or scars effectively. It is alright to add a few 100% natural products that you have tried and tested with care, alongside with synthetic products that are non-harmful and have always benefitted your skin for years. You don’t have to stop using products that you have always been using and make a massive and expensive switch towards 100% organic products simply because your favorite beauty blogger or celebrity has decided to do the same.


The most essential strategy that all women need to adopt is the habit of researching all the ingredients and products that they intend to add to their skin care routine. Come to think of it, if you are willing to spend money and invest in a product, you might as well break down the ingredients it contains and research on their benefits and side-effects. Medical research has clearly asked us to avoid certain harmful substances, such as preservatives, parabens, petrochemicals and phthalates, which not only harm the skin, but also ignite hormonal imbalances the risk factors of cancer.


It is important to create a beauty regime that is flexible, convenient and enjoyable. All your skin care products don’t have to be 100% organic to nourish your skin. In fact, as long as they don’t contain any harmful and toxic ingredients, you can continue enjoying their benefits without feeling the need to jump into the organic bandwagon and giving up on products you’ve always cherished.

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