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Make your Hangover disappear with these 4 simple steps

Hangover skin? Behold the Cure to Eliminate Puffiness & Dark Circles

Hangover skin is the most common drawback we all suffer after a night of too many tequila shots or even margaritas by the pool. At times, consuming too much salt and sodium-rich foods can also trigger the same symptoms of hangover skin, which is basically puffed up eyes, major bloating and excessively dehydrated skin.

Most women attempt to cover up the puffiness and bloating of a hangover skin with layers of makeup, a strategy that never works, and in fact, tends to make the puffiness worse and more noticeable. We’ve compiled some tricks and tips to help you overcome this skin disaster with a few simple tricks.

Here, take a look:


A Hydrating Mask

The best trick to eliminate the awful puffiness and inflammation is to hydrate your skin with a cooling gel-based or exfoliation mask. You can always go down the DIY route with a homemade mask made with honey, lemon, glycerin and some licorice to heal your skin, even out your complexion and give your face an instant glow. Or you can try out some healing masks, such as the Origins 'Drink Up' Hydrating Face Mask, or the effortless Lancer Lift & Pump Sheet Mask.


A Thorough Massage

A mini facial is important to de-puff your skin beneath the eyes, and promote blood flow and circulation across the skin to drive inflammation and event out your complexion. It is important to note that puffiness and inflammation isn’t the only reason you’re treating yourself to a face massage. But in fact, infusing your skin with essential oils, Shea butter and other moisturizers will help hydrate your skin with the help of active ingredients, leaving behind an invigorated and energized skin.


Drink up your Nutrients

Aside from massaging and pampering your skin, you must understand that the beauty of the skin is always inside out, and hence, you must drink up all those essential nutrients and minerals to rejuvenate your skin from within. A tall glass of orange juice will infuse your skin with the goodness of vitamin C and if you really want to take it to another level, fix yourself a delicious fruity cocktail with multiple fruits. We recommend you to try the ultimate beauty elixir: beetroot, carrot, apple and orange juice, which will leave you energized with a well-hydrated skin.


The Caffeine Fix

If you feel that you’ve ended up with a particularly horrid case of puffiness and dark pools of circles beneath your eyes after consecutive nights of binge drinking, girl, you need the caffeine fix! Essentially, the idea is to whip up a coffee mask with simple ingredients, such as honey, lemon, yogurt and turmeric, or any two of these. It will invigorate your skin with antioxidants, along with triggering vasoconstriction, which will temporarily shrink up your blood vessels and eliminate all the puffiness along with evening out your complexion. The mask will lighten up your skin tone and those awful dark circles, allowing you to greet the day with a sunny disposition!

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