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Travel Skin care Guide

Pamper your Skin while enjoying your Vacation

Travelling is all about adventure and exploring yourself, but while you’re feasting your eyes on spell-binding sites of an exotic island, it is important to keep your skin hydrated, and of course, dewy and clear for the pictures. We’ve put together a comprehensive skin care guide for all your travel plans, be it a hiking adventure into the wilderness, or an endless beach party for the spring break.


Let’s get started, shall we?

Ladies, before we take a look at the skin care routine that will protect and pamper your skin before, during and after the trip, allow us to walk you through the essentials you need to carry on your journey.


Travel Skin care: Must-Have Essentials

Regardless of where you are headed, you simply cannot have enough moisturizers and sunscreen, so be sure to invest in these two essentials even if you already have some at home. You are highly likely to need more of these two friends, because the skin tends to get rapidly dehydrated while adjusting to new climates, whether you travel to higher altitudes or the ocean. Even on the snowiest, overcast day, your skin will be attacked by dryness and ripped off its moisture. Be sure to carry your moisturizer and an SPF 30 sunscreen.

You’ll also need your body wash, facial scrub, shampoo, conditioner and lip balm to make sure your lips remain hydrated. If you’re planning to go on a trekking journey or even one that involves a lot of walking, we strongly recommend you to keep sheet masks, wipes, a cleanser and toner to get rid of all that dust and oil accumulated in your skin before you sleep.


A Simple Travel Skin care Routine

Instead of hoarding too many products and spending a large portion of your time catering to your skin, a simple and effective travel skincare routine focuses on a few key products and some basic swift measures.

Ladies, the strategy is very simple: before you start your journey, you take measures to protect and fortify your skin against dehydration and oiliness, during your trip you focus on keeping your skin protected, cleansed and hydrated, and after the trip, you allow your skin to relax and rejuvenate.


Before you begin your journey

Before you catch your flight or get into the car to begin your road trip, take some measures to protect and uplift your skin. We recommend you to cleanse your skin with a powerful face mask, be it a DIY mask or a rejuvenating sheet mask. Also, moisturize your face, arms and legs with a creamy moisturizer that will hydrate your skin from deep within and protect it against dehydration.


If your skin is excessively dry and you’re travelling towards higher altitudes, you can protect yourself against dryness spells with a powerful moisturizing massage with Shea butter and glycerin. If you have an oily-dry combination skin, you need to start by clearing out the oil from your pores with a cleansing mask, followed by with a potent moisturizer to give your skin protective coverage.

As you begin your journey do not put on a great deal of makeup to avoid a buildup of oil in your skin and flaky patches of foundation upon reaching your destination. If you must wear makeup, flaunt a well-moisturized no-makeup face with a bold lip color!


Throughout your Vacation

As you make your way through fascinating new streets, bustling marketplaces and astoundingly scenic vistas, it is important to make sure your skin is clean, hydrated and moisturized. This will make sure your skin is free of damage, and of course give you an insta-ready fresh and glowing complexion.

Now, the most important product during your vacation is your sunscreen, which should at least be an SPF 30. Your moisturizer is the second most important product, and you must give yourself a ten minute beauty break with a hydrating sheet mask before going to bed and heading outdoors. We strongly suggest you to hydrate your skin with a cleanser and moisturizer routine, drink plenty of water, and hydrate your lips with a lip balm.

If you want your skin to look clean and fresh at all times, we strongly recommend you to carry some hydrating and cleansing sleep masks. Using a mask before going to bed or upon waking up will make sure you begin your day with a clean and clear skin, and even complexion. A powerful facial scrub is another important product, and if you’re hiking, you should keep it with you at all times.

If you have a problem with puffy skin and dark circles under your eyes, you can fix this skin qualm by carrying some under-eye gel masks, saline drops and hydrating eye creams. Wipes are another essential that will come in super-handy, whether you need to wipe away the pollution and dust of the streets or the clogged pores courtesy of a rowdy mountain trek.


After you return Home

When you have returned home from your exotic vacation or exciting adventure, it is important to allow your skin to rejuvenate, relax and most importantly, heal any damage that may have occurred. Whether you travel to sunny temperatures or higher altitudes, the skin is always exposed to increased proximity to the sun’s harmful UV rays and of course, dehydration that triggers damaging spells of dryness.

You need to begin by cleansing and hydrating your skin in order to cleanse away all those clogged pores and oil build-ups, and make sure your pores are fully purified. A powerful facial scrub session is important to purify the skin. Then, you use a hydrating sheet mask infused with moisture-locking ingredients, such as Shea butter, aloe vera extracts and antioxidants that will lock in moisture, allowing your skin to glow and breathe. Scrubbing, hydrating and moisturizing the skin on your hands, arms, feet and legs is also equally important.

If you feel that your skin has suffered excessively due to sun damage or an acne break-out, you can always rejuvenate its luster and radiance with a powerful gold mask.

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