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What's your type?

It is the desire of every woman (and men too) to have a healthy, natural, and glowing skin. Skin is the largest organ of your body that is also visible to others. You cannot hide your skin so why not make efforts to improve its tone and quality?

All of us are born with a healthy skin that is supple and flexible. With passage of time and exposure to the elements, skin begins to lose its elasticity and moisture.

Through proper skin care and application of the right cremes and lotions, it is possible to regain lost moisture and glow of skin. You can also reverse the process of aging of your skin through a suitable skin care regime. However, you need to identify your skin type before knowing how to take care of it.

Once you know your skin type, you can choose from a huge range of beauty products available in the market. After all, it is your skin and the products you use on your skin should be compatible to get the desired results. Healthy and beautiful skin is the birthright of every individual. You too can get a clean and clear complexion and a healthy and glowing skin provided you know your skin type and choose products accordingly.


Different skin types according to condition

Human beings have 5 different types of skin and the type of skin you own becomes easy to understand once you know this classification. Your skin type is generally decided by your genetic predisposition, but you can improve or exacerbate its condition with your habits and skin care treatment.


  • Normal skin
  • Dry skin
  • Oily skin
  • Combination skin
  • Sensitive skin


Normal skin

This type of skin is neither oily nor dry. It contains small pores that are not visible. There are no cracks and flakes and skin does not appear to be shiny. Tone of skin is even with no blemishes and marks. Having a normal skin doesn’t mean you will continue to have it as proper skin care is necessary to keep it looking youthful and supple.



You should make use of beauty products that do not make your skin greasy. At the same time, you should avoid products that increase dryness on face. Keep an eye on the PH levels of the products that you use and make sure to balance it with your natural level of PH.


Nutrition advice
People with normal skin can have all kinds of foods in moderation. Eat green vegetables and include lots of berries in your diet to provide your skin with the much needed antioxidants. Also, drink water at frequent intervals through the day to maintain a perfect complexion.


Dry skin

As the name implies, this type of skin appears dry to others with scaly patches and flakes. Pores are invisible, and the individual complains of itching and irritation. He also suffers from wrinkles prematurely. Dry skin is believed to be hereditary with oil glands of skin not making enough of sebum, a substance that keeps skin soft and supple. Dry skin lacks moisture and the person needs to apply a good quality moisturizer to replenish moisture levels.



You should avoid harsh cleansers as part of your cleanse treatments. Dry skin ages fast. You can reverse your aging process by applying anti aging products made using natural ingredients.


Nutrition advice
Your skin is not able to produce sufficient oil. You should add lots of fresh tuna and salmon fish to your diet. Cook them in olive oil to allow your skin to absorb the much needed oil.


Oily skin

This type of skin is characterized by a lot of shine. People with oily skin also suffer from breakouts of acne. Oil glands produce lots of sebum and oil comes out of the pores to be visible on the surface of the skin. Skin pores expand in size and become visible to others. Skin appears greasy and becomes prone to acne, blackheads, and whiteheads.



You need to exfoliate your oily skin to open clogged pores. There are  many types of cleansers available in the market for women having oily skin. Keeping your skin clean is the easiest way of getting rid of your skin related problems.


Nutrition advice
If you hate your greasy look, drink loads of water to get rid of excess oil. What your diet needs is inclusion of green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus, and spinach. These food items will help in fighting that sweaty look on your face.


Combination skin

This skin type shows characteristics of both dry as well as oily skin with some parts of face and neck being dry while others remain oily. Generally, the forehead, nose, and the chin of the person remain oily while other parts of the face remain dry. It becomes difficult to take care of a combination skin and its best to make use of skin care products containing natural ingredients only.



You should use beauty products containing natural ingredients only. Also, avoid products containing fragrances.


Nutrition advice
Your skin has both dry as well as oily areas. You need to avoid oily foods and also those that make your skin dry. You can add foods like chicken eggs, brown rice, carrots, kale, broccoli, spinach, trout, and fermented products to your diet.


Sensitive skin

This type of skin may be dry, oily, or combination but it is associated with irritation and redness. People with this skin type need to avoid skincare products containing harsh chemicals. This type of skin becomes inflamed easily, so it is better to stick to natural skin care products.



You should stay away from beauty products containing harsh chemicals and use only natural beauty products made by a renowned company.


Nutrition advice
If your skin flares up frequently to give your face a red and botchy look, you need to include food items that are anti-inflammatory in nature. Mint tea and avocado are known for their anti inflammatory properties.


Now that you know your skin type and the kind of nutrition you need to keep it healthy and nourished, you should buy and include quality beauty products in your daily skin care regime.

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