Our story

Nice to NUDE you!

We started NUDE by Korea because we wanted to create products that have the capability to change people's minds, adding value to the day to day and with that make a real difference for the overall Planet.

NUDE by Korea envisions a future where each product bought will contribute in some way to help the environment. 

We do not want to stop at just making natural skin care. Nonetheless you can be sure that each of our products is crafted with passion, care and detail using the best ingredients for you. 


NUDE by Korea is: 

  • Skin care that is as natural as possible, effective and of high quality
  • Reducing the foot print left wherever possible throughout the supply chain
  • Giving back is a big part of our DNA 


As the customer - YOU ARE - a crucial part of our core effort. We want to inspire and help you to rediscover your own balance between your daily needs and the greater good. 

What we do for our customer we also do for ourselves as in the end we are all the same. 

Every time you buy, use or recommend a product you are making a choice, a statement. The vote behind this goes to the company who produces your products of choice. 

We want to make it easy for people to chose natural over chemical by providing high quality products that actually do what they say. 

We aim for an outstanding customer service that will show each person how important they are to us and that what they have to say counts. 

Working with like-minded people that help making this planet a better place  is something we strive for. By partnering with organizations that source ethically, that use recycled or low footprint packaging and most of all are aware of the privileges we have in today’s world.  

Giving back means for us to support projects around the world that have a similar mindset of creating change without expecting anything back.

As you can see our purpose is much greater than just profit. With forward thinking and holistic strategies we are planning to redefine the standards within the beauty industry. 

We think it is time to connect the dots between physical and mental health, beauty, technology and sustainability.  


Join the #NUDErevolution today and take part in our special mission..