Our story

Nice to NUDEyou!

We create natural skin care for sensitive skin without harsh or controversial chemicals - ever.

We focus on simple ingredient lists and only use natural & vegan ingredients of the highest quality. To ensure zero-waste our packaging says goodbye to plastic and other harmful materials.


How it all started

Nude by Korea was born out of frustration with the lack of safe & effective skin care options for people with extremely sensitive skin. Farah, Nude by Korea's co-founder, suffers from rosacea and eczema. For years she tried to find products that wouldn't make her sensitive skin freak out. While there were plenty of skin care brands claiming to do precisely that, none seemed to actually work. Ultimately, building on years of experience researching effective skin care ingredients for the most sensitive skin, she decided to develop her own products. With Nude by Korea she wants to help people who have similar skin frustrations and enable them to show their nude skin again.

A better skin 

We only have one skin. And some of us have skin that is more sensitive than others. At Nude by Korea, we develop our formulas with the most sensitive skin in mind. We only use ingredients of the highest quality that are proven to be clean, cruelty-free and organic. We steer clear from toxins, synthetics and other questionable ingredients found in the skin care industry. It is our promise to you that, regardless of your skin's sensitivities, our products are effective, 100% safe and can be used with total peace of mind - for the ultimate nude glow..

A better Planet

We also only have one planet. And while our skin sensitivities may vary, we all share the exact same planet. We all hope to keep our beautiful planet for as long as possible. But in order to do so, we need to start paying more attention to how we treat it. Sadly, the beauty & skin care industry is tremendously polluting. Last year alone, it produced more than 120 billion units of packaging, most of which are non-recyclable.


At Nude by Korea we want to turn the tide. That's why all our packaging is non harmful and non-plastic. We invest heavily in environmental sustainability. We focus on reducing plastic waste and making ethical sourcing choices throughout our entire supply chain. Because protecting your skin and protecting our planet should go hand in hand.


Join the #NUDErevolution today and take part in our special mission..