Volcanic Scoria Konjac Sponge

Volcanic Scoria, or “Songi" is a type of volcano ejection produced in temperatures of 1,600 C. Only Jeju Island has this natural gift. It contains rich natural minerals and natural alkaline. Scoria generates many anion and infrared rays


The KONJAC Volcanic Scoria sponge will:

  • Eliminate harmful bacteria since it has a strong antibacterial effect and deodorizing function
  • Deep cleanse your skin. Scoria and Konjac combined, double the cleansing effects, so that your skin will be very pure and fresh
  • Fights skin problems such as psoriasis and eczemas

The sponge will keep your skin pure and fresh.



    • Before use, soak your dry NUDE konjac sponge in warm water until it is saturated and soft.
    • Use the sponge and massage your face in a circular motion to release the nutrients and minerals in the sponge.
    • You can cleanse your face with or without applying soap or cleansing foam on your sponge.
    • Clean your sponge by rinsing it with both hands. Don't wring the sponge as you might damage the fibers.
    • Hang your sponge it a well-ventilated area to dry. If your sponge stays wet, it may become bad because it is made of 100% natural vegetable fiber



The Sponge is 100% natural Konjac vegetable fiber.

Added Scoria - Volcanic Eject

Biodegradable • 100% cruelty-free • Free of impurities

Free of Pollutants • Free of additives • Free of coloring


NUDE konjac sponges don’t mind getting cold. 🥶 For long-lasting use, we recommend you place the sponge in the refrigerator. When the sponge becomes puffy or the surface starts to crack, it is time to replace it. Usually, the sponge will last for 2 to 3 months